Suggestion for more balance gameplay

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Suggestion for more balance gameplay

Post by `sLicK- on Tue Dec 08, 2015 10:49 am

Hi Synap Zie,

Good day!

First of all I would like to say Good on ya mate! For bringing back damala's original price. Dumadami kase ang abuser ng WPE and AutoPots ingame. Also for removing few items ingame such as wing, aura and badges. Since this server is claiming that it is a ran classic though it appears na parang hindi naman since we are adopting a higher RAN EP Files.

OK since this is a suggestion board here are my suggestions:

Later I will state the reason why.

1) Reduce in-game's drop rate for refines, weapons and armors.
2) Increase in-games success rate for upgrade both for weapons and armors.
3) Add more in-game items such as costumes and other consumables.
4) Active in-game GM at least 3x a week will be fine.
5) Proper Schedule for SW (2x a day will be enough) since 12hours ang expiry ng items
6) Set some few rules, like chat block for miss conduct etc.

Ok here are the reasons why.
1) Masyado mataas ang drop rate ng items in-game so ang madalas mang yari is benta sa NPC or Hindi na lang pupulutin since pang pasikip lang sa inventory. Same with fburr and lux walang kwenta dahil super dali maka hanap meron pang random box na pwede ka maka kuha ng 5-30pcs.
a. Positive thing here is that possible mabuhay ang trading system in-game.
2) This suggestion is for players na nag sisimula palang or sa mga kaibigan natin na non-donor. This is to at least give them a chance na makasabay kahit papaano and makapag hunt ng sariling item. Ang ng yayari kase ditto sa server is pagka FD and Full donate patay na buhay ng players, hintay SW and CW na lang. And walang humpay na AFK sa market for time to VP exchange ang ng yayari.
a. Sa mga possible na mag react na donor, wag po tayo mag alala. Since +10 ang weapon natin. Hindi lang sa attack power and energy level na kukuha ang damage and def in-game. Malaking factor din kung ano ang upgrade ng weap and set. Kahit mas mataas ang damage and energy value ng +9 panalo padin ang +10 I can assure you that. If you want to dis this suggestion ok lang. I can give you my full reasoning with computation pa kung gusto niyo.
3) Add more in-game items, ikaw na bahala Admin kung ano gusto mo ilagay. Napansin ko kase ang dami pang costumes na hindi mo nilalagay in-game nung hinalukay ko files ng Ranschool. Such as pet headgear, Pirate, Party Costumes etc.
4) Active event, however please do not over do your price. Giving away 1-2b for price will kill your trading system in-game. Perhaps you can provide items na may expiry date (same with Ran PH na binibgay ng GM for players na nag attend ng event nila) You have to consider the expiry date as well. Again para maiwasan ang pag patay sa trading system ingame and to prevent yung sobrang dami na ng stock na items.
5) Dito tingin ko marami ang magagalit at mag rereact but still this is just a suggestion. Being top 1 in SW is a bragging rights lalo na dahil may rewards itong kasama. Pero kung sobrang daming beses ang SW sa isang araw ang mang yayari nito is maiipon lang ang rewards nila sa inventory. 2x a day will do since 12hours ang expiry ng items. And also it would be best to remove the option to the players kung kelan nila bubuksan to prevent them from reserving their rewards.

Most of my suggestion is ideal to make this server more balance and to bring the spirit of a real RAN ONLINE GAMING.

For admin Synap Zie, just a 2 cent of advised I know na sinabi mo before na wala kang malalim na experience sa pag develop ng games. Ayoko maki-elam sa server mo, good thing is meron ng suggestion board I do not want to brag this pero as a co-developer ng ibang servers I suggest na you have to consider everything in game. Like rewards na binbigay mo, kelan mag expire and para maiwasan yung pag iimbak ng reward item ingames. Dahil it can harm your server magiging imbalance ito.

Possible na may mga players na magagalit, which is normal. Pero always remember you are the Alpha Male. Ikaw ang masusunod, kung ano tinging mo ang ikakabuti ng server mo gawin mo yun. Hindi dahil nawalan ang advantage ang ilang players sa ibang players is susundin mo na sila.
Hayaan mo sila magalit. They are just a bunch of losers na walang magawa in-game dahil nawala yung edges or lamang nila sa ibang players. Kung sila lagi masusunod you can "NEVER TELL THAT YOUR SERVER IS BALANCE"


A REAL GAMER will always understand kung bakit may changes or may inalis at dinagdag in-game. A REALL PUSSY will always find excuses dahil hindi na siya lamang sa ibang players, PLAYERS WHO ARE ABUSING THOSE REWARDS ETC. LOOK TO THEIR SELF AS A GOD IN-GAME. Pero tangalin mo yung ADVANTAGE NA YUN SA KANILA. LET THEM BE A NORMAL PLAYER LIKE EVERY BODY DOES. Then I can assure you 101% na mag rereklamo sila, when that time comes. Do not worry Synap, it only shows how good you are and how in-competitive they truly are.

Again you are the Admin, this are just a 2 cent of advise. It is up to you if you are going to these for your server or not.


~Bryan of (RageZone)


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